Camp Wilderness

Outdoor Education for Youth

Our hunting heritage lives on and will remain strong with the youth of MSC Camp Wilderness. The children who attend Camp Wilderness will one day be the driving force of our outdoor future...

It is our hope that the information contained in this web site will help answer any questions you may have about Camp Wilderness. You will find information about the camp itself and all of the things it offers your child. While at camp your child will learn the many aspects of enjoying the outdoors and all of the wonderful things it has to offer. Along that path of learning we strive to teach the children proper ethics, moral values, respect for each other and respect for the creatures we love to hunt and fish and the world they live in.

Camp 2018 is complete

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MSC Camp Wilderness—Michigan

Group Discount

4 or more Campers in a Group

Receives $10.00 Discount Each.

Camp 2019 will be held July 19 - 21, 2019

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