Archery Equipment Care and Usage

Shoot and Tune is the topic of this class. Students use their own equipment to review the basics of shooting a bow, reviewing what items can cause that bad shot, and the basics of setting up their equipment.

Key Topics

· Basic Steps for Shooting a Bow

· Common Shooting Errors

· Sighting In and Tuning Your Bow



The Student should be able to…

· state three safety practices for archers

· explain additional cautions that must be practiced when using broadheads

· demonstrate how to nock an arrow, and draw and anchor the bow

· demonstrate how to use a bowsight and how to instinctively aim a bow

· List six basic steps for shooting with a bow and arrow.

· Demonstrate proper shooting steps.

· Explain the importance of a consistent anchor point and proper sight picture.

· Describe how to sight in a bow.

· Describe how to tune a bow.

· Name two common bowshooting errors.

· Describe three ways to practice for bowhunting.


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