Archery Equipment and Practice

This class offers a broad knowledge of archery equipment and archery  safety. Students are shown the pieces ,parts, and different types of archery equipment. What makes up an arrow, the various types of points and their uses are shown and discussed. The students are taught how to match the equipment to the game they hunt. Safe handling, storage, and inspection of archery is also discussed.

Key Topics

· Know Your Bow and Arrow

· Know Your Crossbow

· Bowhunting and Crossbow Safety and Skills

· The Bow

· The Arrow

· Matching Arrows With Your Bow

· Fletching

· The Nock

· Arrow Points

· Broadheads

· Accessories



The Student should be able to…

· identify the common bow types and their basic parts

· identify the basic parts of an arrow

· list the different types of arrowheads and their primary use

· state three safety practices for archers

· explain additional cautions that must be practiced when using broadheads

· explain the safety rules that should be followed when using a crossbow

· demonstrate how to nock an arrow, and draw and anchor the bow

· demonstrate how to use a bowsight and how to instinctively aim a bow

· Describe common bow types and identify basic parts using drawings or actual bows.

· Define draw length and draw weight.

· State how draw length and draw weight are determined for individual shooters.

· Explain the importance of matching equipment with individual abilities.

· Explain the importance of matching arrows with your bow, and select an arrow that matches a given bow weight and draw length by using an arrow selection table.

· Name the basic parts of an arrow.

· Define the terms “spine” and “paradox.”

· Name the different types of arrow points.

· Match arrow points to the game pursued.

· Name three essential accessories designed to prevent injury to the archer or bowhunter.

· Name three optional bowhunting accessories and state the purpose for each one.

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