Blood trailing and Range estimation

In this lesson the students cover what happens after the shot. Utilizing a real blood trail (fake blood), the students must track and recover the animal (3D Target). After the recovery, proper field dressing is covered along with proper game care.

Key Topics

· Big Game Recovery

· Field Dressing

· Field Care of Game



The Student should be able to…

· explain what to do when approaching downed game

· state what is the first thing you should do after you are sure your game is dead

· list the three main causes of meat spoilage

· list the basic steps for field dressing

· Explain a hunter’s basic responsibilities after shooting game.

· Describe the basic steps of big game recovery.

· List the steps to follow when the animal being tracked is found.

· Describe how to properly field dress a big game animal.

· List two reasons for proper transportation of harvested animals in a vehicle.

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