Firearms Safety and operation

This class offers a broad knowledge of firearms and firearms safety. Students are shown the pieces ,parts, and actions of a firearm, along with the operation of the firearm. Components of ammunition are shown and discussed. The students are taught how to match the firearm and ammunition to the game they hunt. Safe storage and cleaning of firearms are also covered.

Key Topics

· What is a Firearm?

· What is Ammunition?

· How a Firearm Works

· Common Features of Firearms

· Differences Between Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns

· Match Firearms and Ammunition…Correctly!

· Know Your Firearm’s Range

· Cleaning Your Firearm

· Storing Your Firearm



The Student should be able to…

· define a firearm

· identify the basic parts of a rifle, shotgun and handgun

· identify the basic components of rifle and shotgun ammunition

· explain how ammunition is fired from a firearm

· identify six types of firearm actions

· demonstrate proper loading and unloading of firearms with different types of actions

· correctly match ammunition with firearms

· identify location(s) of safeties on firearms and explain how they are used

· name five types of sights found on firearms

· describe how a rifle is different from other firearms

· identify and explain a rifle’s caliber and a shotgun’s gauge

· name the four common shotgun chokes and explain how they differ

· explain the difference between lead and steel shot

· explain the danger of mixing different gauges of shotshells

· explain why it is important to know your firearm’s range

· demonstrate cleaning procedures for a firearm

· demonstrate how to make a firearm safe for storage

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