Primitive Hunting Equipment / Basic Shooting Skills

Proper use and safe handling of a muzzle loading firearm starts this class followed by the basic shooting skills that all hunter require.  The “pieces, parts and how to” are covered in detail of the sport of muzzle loading firearms.  Muzzle loaders are compared to modern firearms and the students are show the challenging aspect of becoming a Muzzleloader Hunter.

In the second half of this class the Fundamentals of Marksmanship are covered with the basic shooting skills required to be a successful hunter.

Key Topics - Primitive Hunting Equipment

· Know Your Muzzleloader

· Basic Muzzleloader Safety and Skills



The Student should be able to…

· Explain why you should use only blackpowder or synthetic substitute in muzzleloaders

· State three safety practices when using muzzleloaders

· Demonstrate safe loading and unloading of a muzzleloader

· Demonstrate safe firing of a muzzleloader


Key Topics - Basic Shooting Skills

· Good Marksmanship and Accuracy

· Rifle Shooting

· Shotgun Shooting

· Handgun Shooting



The Student should be able to…

· define good marksmanship and explain why it is important

· list the three fundamentals of good marksmanship

· explain what is sight alignment and a sight picture

· demonstrate how to determine your master eye

· explain the basic steps to sighting-in a rifle

· explain four rifle firing techniques that will help improve accuracy

· show four proper positions(s) for rifle shooting

· state the four common shotgun chokes and give an example of when you would use each

· explain the basic steps to patterning a shotgun

· explain four shotgun firing techniques that will help improve accuracy

· demonstrate proper shotgun shooting stance

· explain the difference in swing-through and sustained lead when shooting a shotgun

· demonstrate proper handgun shooting stance and grip



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