Our Staff—Alumni

This page is dedicated to our past staff members. These individuals have donated years of their life to educate the youth of Michigan. For different reasons they have moved on to other adventures. We would like to thank them for their years of service and good luck in their new adventures. They will always be part of Camp Wilderness.

If we missed any one it was not intentional and we are sorry, it is just the fact that our memories are slipping…...

Jim Plant - 1999

John McIntosh - 1995

Amy McIntosh - 2005

Bill Anderson - 2004

Doug Brown - 1990

Mike Butler - 1995

Bev Wilson - 1994

Donna Hosier - 1999

Robert Sangster—2009

Wade Elton - 1995

Al Baggett - 2002

Jackie Pray - 2003

Mark Daves - 1999

Bob Cornell - 1993

Cheryl Krick - 1997

Randy Krick - 1992

Bob Krajniak - 1999

Lacy Mason—2005

Rick Myers—1996

Years of experience working at camps

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