Firearm Safety in the Field

The students have been taught the basics of firearms handling, now it is time to put them to the test. Students are ran through the Camp Wilderness obstacle course: zones of fire, crossing a fence, proper carrying of a firearm, and hunting from a boat are but a few of the things the student will need to do to survive this lesson.

Key Topics

· Why Firearm Safety is Important

· Safely Carrying Firearms in the Field

· Safely Loading and Unloading Firearms

· Safely Transporting Firearms

· Safe Zone-of-Fire

· Other Safety Considerations

· Hunting with Boats

· Hunting with All-Terrain Vehicles



The Student should be able to…

· state why hunters should wear daylight fluorescent orange clothing

· state three practices for handling and storing firearms in the home

· name the four main causes of hunting incidents

· demonstrate the four primary rules of firearm safety

· demonstrate six field carries for a rifle or shotgun

· demonstrate proper field carries while walking two or three abreast and while walking two or three in single file

· demonstrate the safe method for crossing an obstacle if hunting alone and if hunting with a partner

· explain how to safely check to see that the barrel of a firearm is free of obstruction

· list steps to safely load and unload a firearm

· explain how to safely transport firearms in vehicles and in boats

· demonstrate proper spacing between hunters and the safe zone-of-fire when hunting in a group

· explain why self-control, target identification and accuracy are critical for hunting safety

· state five functions needed for hunting that are impaired if the hunter consumes alcohol or drugs

· demonstrate a safe position and zone-of-fire when hunting with a partner in a boat

· name the accessory you should wear at all times when hunting from a boat

· demonstrate what to do to help retain body heat if you are stranded in chilly water

· list seven rules for safe and ethical operation when hunting with an all-terrain vehicle

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