Treestand Safety

Statistics have shown us that 1 in 3 hunters who use an elevated stand will have a serious injury or be killed during their lifetime from a fall.  This class not only covers the various types of stands and safety equipment, it also covers proper technique for using each of the stands. Our goal is to reduce the statistics.  After successfully completing this class students are allowed to use an elevated stand on our 3D Archery range. Range Officers supervise the students to ensure proper use of equipment and ALL safety precautions are followed.

Key Topics

· Hunting from Elevated Stands

· Elevated Stands

· Tree Stand Safety



The Student should be able to…

· list advantages and disadvantages of hunting from an elevated stand

· name the accessory you should wear at all times when climbing a tree and when on a tree stand

· demonstrate how to safely haul a firearm into an elevated stand

· List three types of manufactured portable stands.

· Explain why falls from elevated stands are a major concern for hunters.

· Explain and demonstrate the proper use of a fall-restraint device.

· Explain and demonstrate how to safely enter and exit an elevated stand.

· Demonstrate proper use of a haul or hoist line.


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