The Classes are over. It’s Free Time or so the Campers think. One of the benefits of Camp Wilderness is there is all ways a lesson to learn. Just because the classroom is closed does not mean the Staff quits teaching. Our Free Time activates are geared to help reinforce what the classroom taught. Click on each picture to see more!

Our Activities

Our 3D Archery Range is not only fun it is challenging.

3-D Archery Range

Basic firearms skills are put to the test on our Pellet Gun Range. Campers have the opportunity to shoot rifles and pistols.

Pellet Gun Range

Some of the catch isn’t the biggest but just ask any angler they will tell you…”a bad day fishing beats work any day”.


As weather permits a cool dip in the lake is just the thing to cool off.


As the sun sets the camp fire starts along with Dave and his guitar.

Camp Fire

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