Hunter Education History, Hunter Responsibility and Wildlife Management

Our Classes

Students learn our heritage, ethics and responsibility as a hunter.

Different types of archery equipment are shown and described in detail, along with the safety precautions that go with becoming a Safe Bowhunter

Handling a firearm is easy, However doing safely can be another story. You will learn the pieces, parts and operation of firearms. Plus matching your firearm to your hunting needs.

Archery Equipment and Practice

Firearms Safety and Operation

Shoot and tune, proper technique is shown for the bowhunter. The students are also shown the care of archery equipment

Archery Equipment Care and Usage - Hands On Training

Just the Basics….Proper shot placement, animal anatomy, and what to do after the shot.

Basic Hunting Skills / Shot Placement / Recovery Techniques

Various methods for hunting are discussed including blinds, scents, and calls.

Stands and Techniques

Now that you have been taught how to safely handle a firearm. It is time to practice this on the obstacle course.

Firearm Safety in the Field - Hands On Training

So you have made the shot….what now? Learn how to trail downed game by following a blood trail

Blood trailing and Range estimation - Hands On Training

First Aid and Survival. The goal is to learns these skills and hope we never have to use them. But if we do need them, we will know what to do.

Outdoor Preparedness - Hands On Training

You want to go into the woods, but how do you get back to where you started. Learn how to really use that map & compass.

Map & Compass - Hands On Training

1 in 3 hunters who use a tree stand are injured or killed in their lifetime. It is time to change the odds in your favor with proper tree stand safety.

Treestand Safety - Hands On Training

It’s smoky, it’s loud, it’s dirty….must be muzzleloader class. Learn the basics of muzzleloaders and basic shooting skills with all firearms.

Primitive Hunting Equipment / Basic Shooting Skills

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