Our Staff

Camp Alumni

The staff of MSC Camp Wilderness is a 100% volunteer staff. We have dedicated our lives to giving back to our hunting heritage.

Betsy Lepak - 1999

Jill Nickles - 1990

Dan Hosier - 1993

Bob Jensen - 1994

Amanda Nickles—2008

Ann Richmond—2011

Hunter Pelham—2012

Ashton Van Antwerp—2014

Judy Bukowski—2016

Gregg Bukowski -1991

Teri Dalton - 1999

Dave Dalton - 1989

Amy Zdebski - 2002

Mark Brown - 1998

Amber Hosier—2005

Michael Hosier—2011

Veronica Van Antwerp—2015

Years of experience working at camps

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MSC Camp Wilderness exists because of the support of many organizations and businesses, yet without our crew of qualified volunteers none of it would be possible. It is a deep love for the outdoors and for the youth who attend these camps that brings these people together year after year. It is knowing that with their help and guidance the future of our sport will be safe in the hands of those they are able to work with at MSC Camp Wilderness. Our staff at Camp Wilderness is 100% volunteer simply because they love what they do. Please as you see the smiles on the face of your child when you pick them up, take a moment to thank these wonderful people. Here is a list of our volunteers along with the years of service they've given teaching our youth all of the wonderful things the outdoors has to offer.